A question we always get in our office is what is the best pillow for me. This is a question we get a lot because we work a lot with neck pain, stiffness, and much more. We have 3 main tips to look for when finding the right pillow.

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#1 Comfort

When we talk about comfort, we mean is it comfortable during the night and is it supporting you the entire time? If you're finding that you're waking up in the night, you're having to smash your pillow or you're having to flip it over, then that's a good indication that it is not supporting you, especially for side sleepers. If you start out neutral and then end up with a neck kink that creates stiffness, then that pillow is also not supporting you. 

#2 Size

We really want a pillow that is going to be customizable for you. How can you get it to fit exactly in the space between your head and the mattress if you’re a side sleeper or exactly in the curve of the neck if you sleep on your back?

A lot of times people will ask me, “what about if I sleep on my stomach?” Stomach sleeping isn't something we recommend here at the office. If you do stomach sleep, you really shouldn't use much of a pillow at all, because that's going to turn your neck to the side and then crank it back which is asking for neck pain. 

#3 Pain and Stiffness

People often say to me “I really like the pillow that I'm laying on, but I've been waking up with neck pain and stiffness”. Even if you love your pillow or it's really easy to fall asleep with, it may just not be the right pillow for you. There may be another pillow that accomplishes both things. 

Our Recommendations 

The pillow that we recommend most often here in our office is the Chiro-Flow Waterbase pillow. The reason that we recommend it is because it's very comfortable and it comes in a fiberfill, down pillow or memory foam depending on what you like. The key to the support aspect is it's got a water base in the bottom so you can fill up that water base exactly to the point that gives you the perfect amount of support. The pillow holds up all night long because water doesn't compress, so you get the added benefit of not having to flip or do anything like that.

If you're looking for a new pillow, don't hesitate to come into the office. If you're dealing with neck pain, we'd love to have a chance to work with you and talk more about how to choose the right pillow for you.

Derek Rose

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